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Really stretch your Christmas dollar this year by making some of your own decorations! You could make your own wreath for the front door, design a festive Christmas table-scape, string popcorn garland for the tree, personalize your Christmas stockings and have your kids make paper cut-out ornaments and wall-hangings. Craft stores even sell kits to help you create your own Christmas wreaths, ornaments and other holiday decor.

It may sound a bit extreme, but this color-coding system has helped me organize seasonal clothing and Holiday Decorating accessories really well. And as my kids are boys, it's a fine way to sort hand-me-down clothing for the next child down the line.

The big trend in Xmas decorating for 2008 is sparkle. The holidays always need a little sparkle whether it's the sparkle of a new fallen snow, the sparkle of the star on top of your tree, or the sparkle of the twinkle lights on the houses in the neighborhood. However, Visit this site for more Xmas decorating year sparkle has taken on a new meaning. When looking for the perfect Christmas decorations you will want to look for metallic accents. Silver and gold are great options because they can blend in to your current home decor. There are fantastic mosaic pieces that will add a bit of sparkle to your home without feeling like you have to throw a Santa up in every nook of your home.

20.When you take down a live tree, be sure to dispose of it quickly and properly. Try to take the tree down immediately prior to your city's pickup date for trees.

Empty boxes can be covered with Christmas wrap, topped with a bow and piled in a corner to make a nice Christmas decorations. Add some stuffed animals sitting on the boxes to complete the look.

Have your children use folded paper and scissors to make cute snowflakes to hang on your tree, from your ceiling and stick on windows. The backs of old Christmas cards can be used for this project. You can add a little sparkle to your snowflakes by drizzling on some glue and sprinkling with glitter.

Anchor any fuel tanks, like propane or farm fuel and chain any large things, like boats, that you can't get out of the flood's path. Remember that floods can carry homes and carry them away and LightsDecorations that old trees are prone to being uprooted.

To achieve a truly festive Christmas spirit in your home, make sure to decorate for all the senses! After you decorate for the eyes with glimmering Christmas Lights, Christmas stockings and table-top knick knacks, move right on to the nose! Our brains are significantly impacted by our sense of smell, so fill your home with traditional Christmas scents by using candles, flame-less candles, oil burners, plug-in air fresheners and potpourri.

If you have kids, it's in your best interest to get bigger ornaments where tiny parts cannot fall off and swallowed. Put smaller ornaments out of reach. Try to keep an eye on the kids when they're playing around the tree.
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